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Consortium & Partners

Welcome to the Healthy People Consortium! The Healthy People Consortium is a diverse, motivated group of agencies and organizations nationwide that are committed to achieving Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives. Consortium partners are the ones on the ground moving the Nation toward the Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives every day.

What does it mean to be a Consortium Partner?

Your participation is vital to achieving the Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives. Partnership through the Consortium is an opportunity for agencies and organizations to work closely with Healthy People.

As a partner, you can:

  • Be a Healthy People 2020 champion and work to engage others.
  • Share with others how your organization is using Healthy People 2020.
  • Join the Consortium and participate in Healthy People 2020 activities.
  • Tailor your involvement with Healthy People to meet your organization’s needs.

How can I get involved with the Consortium?

Getting involved with the Consortium is easy! Consortium partners represent a wide range of agencies and organizations—colleges and universities, private businesses, national membership groups, and religious organizations. Any agency or organization that supports Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives is welcome to join. See a full list of Consortium organizations.