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HC/HIT-2.1 Data Details

HC/HIT-2.1 Increase the proportion of persons who report that their health care providers always listened carefully to them

About the Data

Description of the data source, numerator, denominator, survey questions, and other relevant details about the national estimate.

National Data Source
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS); Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Changed Since the Healthy People 2020 Launch
Baseline (Year)
59.0 (2007)
Target-Setting Method
10 percent improvement
Number of persons aged 18 years and over who report having their doctor always listen carefully to them (in the last 12 months).
Total number of persons aged 18 years and over who visited the doctor in the last 12 months.
Questions Used to Obtain the National Baseline Data

From the 2007 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey:


In the last 12 months, how often did this doctor listen carefully to you?

  1. Never
  2. Almost Never
  3. Sometimes
  4. Usually
  5. Almost Always
  6. Always


In the last 12 months, how many times did you visit this doctor to get care for yourself?

  1. None
  2. 1 time
  3. 2 times
  4. 3 times
  5. 4 times
  6. 5 to 9 times
  7. 10 or more times
Comparable Healthy People 2010 Objective
Retained from HP2010 objective
Methodology Notes

Responses of “always” to the NUMERATOR question were considered to be “satisfactory communication skills” for the purpose of measuring this objective.