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AGing Integrated Database (AGID)


The AGing Integrated Database (AGID) is an on-line query system that provides dynamic access to Administration on Aging (AoA)-related performance results, AoA-supported surveys, and population data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The purpose of the system is to allow users to produce customized tables in a step-by-step process and output the results in print or spreadsheet form. AGID users have the ability to select only those data elements applicable to their needs, and to further refine their results based on geographic locations or demographic stratifiers that are meaningful to their application. Results from user queries can be downloaded in spreadsheet form and post-processed for graphical displays and more in-depth analysis.


Administration on Aging (AoA)

Data Years Available





On-line query system.

Selected Content

AoA databases: State Program Reports; National Ombudsman Reporting System; National Surveys of Older Americans Act Participants; National Survey of Area Agencies on Aging. Census databases: American Community Survey; Population Estimates Data.

Population covered



AGID is based on aggregate statistics reports to speed up data access and protect individual records. While there are many thousands of data elements in the original databases, only the analytically relevant variables were carried over to AGID. Although there are constructed variables and some restructuring of the database files, most of the data elements in the system are in the form as reported by the states or survey participants.

Response rate and sample size


Interpretation Issues


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