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Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika, vice-chair of the Committee, emphasized that it was critical to explain the connections between the CHDI and Healthy People, and to include statements about data quality and coverage. She expressed uncertainty about whether the CHDI would generate data on social determinants of health because during his presentation, Mr. Park spoke about healthcare data. She suggested that the implementation recommendations include statements on the need for data on social determinants to be integrated into the CHDI. Dr. Fielding agreed and asked that these changes be incorporated. He proposed that, with approval from the Committee, he and Dr. Kumanyika would review the revised, final version of the document before it is submitted to the Secretary.

  • Dr. Fielding requested motion to approve the recommendations of the Subcommittee on Implementation. Dr. Manderscheid moved to approve the report, and Dr. Remington seconded the motion. All members who were present voted unanimously to approve the recommendations.

The Committee proceeded to discuss strategies to ensure wide dissemination of the Committee reports and products. Dr. Fielding recommended that the Committee work closely with NORC and ODPHP to identify effective strategies for publishing and packaging these reports to generate interest among the public and ensure their wide distribution in either hard copy or electronic formats. The consensus of the group was that the materials should be packaged and either printed as a supplement to a Journal, or made available in some other citable format, apart from simply being the proceedings of a Committee. The documents should be available on Pub-Med so that they can be easily found and cited. A Committee member suggested looking into one of the online journals, such as Preventing Chronic Disease or MMWR. Other options might include Public Health Reports or other peer-reviewed journals. The Committee acknowledged that due the resources required, online or government publications may be a most feasible option. Dr. Fielding hoped that ODPHP, together with other agencies within HHS, would find enough value in these reports to identify funding to produce a printed version.

Supplementary Report on Societal Determinants of Health. Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika explained the process that went into the production of the Supplementary Report. The report has been underway for about a year, and has undergone numerous revisions. Input has been incorporated from both external and internal reviewers. External feedback was received from Paula Braveman at UCSF and Wilhelmine Miller at George Washington University. The report seeks to explain the importance of “societal” determinants of health. (Dr. Kumanyika explained that the Committee has adopted the term “societal determinants” instead of social determinants because the term “social” does not include the physical environment, whereas “societal” incorporates both social and physical environments. She also said that the supplementary report overlaps with other Committee documents, but is intended to stand on its own, to be a resource for the practice community and students.

  • Dr. Fielding requested motion to approve the Supplementary Report on Societal Determinants of Health. Dr. Troutman moved to approve the report, and Dr. Remington seconded the motion. All members who were present voted unanimously to approve the Supplementary report.

VII. Next Steps

Dr. Fielding said that the final item on the agenda was the future work of this Committee. ODPHP has requested that Committee be “at the ready” to help with the launch and implementation of Healthy People 2020, and the members have agreed. Going forward, Dr. Fielding said that dissemination of the Committee’s products and implementation of Healthy People 2020 would be high on their list of priorities.

Dr. Fielding thanked the Committee members for the many hours of volunteer work that they had devoted to this effort. RADM Slade-Sawyer expressed her gratitude for the Committee’s efforts and indicated that ODPHP would seek input from the Committee as the launch draws closer. Dr. Fielding noted that the Committee may meet again in December, 2010, if not before then. The meeting was adjourned.

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