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A member praised the functional status recommendation. She noted that all of the subcommittees should strive for consistency in their terminology (e.g., social and physical environmental determinants of health). Another said the recommendation about an online Healthy People Community would be critical to the cost-effective dissemination of Healthy People. Something as simple as a Healthy People group on Facebook would help to raise awareness of the initiative. It was suggested that this recommendation should be examined in greater depth, as it would require a great deal of work.

Another member suggested that the Committee use the WHO report for content related to strengthening the base of data available to show relationships among social determinants and health outcomes. He asked whether the subcommittee had identified data sources for this information. Dr. Manderscheid said the Subcommittee had reviewed and identified several data sources and tools that elaborate on the social, physical, and environmental determinants of health, as well as new systems that are beginning to measure them. He offered to have the Subcommittee compile this information and distribute it to the Committee. This work should be coordinated by HHS so that the data are more accessible to health professionals who do not interact with departments outside of the health sector.

A member asked how the work of the Subcommittee on Data & IT could be integrated with that of the Subcommittee on Implementation, especially with regard to strengthening the role of the Healthy People Community. Dr. Manderscheid said the two subcommittees should collaborate to provide more structure to that recommendation before delivering the recommendations to the Secretary of HHS. At the end of the discussion, Dr. Fielding suggested the Committee consider approving recommendations, as discussed.

  • Dr. Fielding requested a motion to approve the recommendations of the Subcommittee on Data & IT. All members who were present voted to approve; none were opposed.

IV.  Next Steps Healthy People 2020 Implementation Strategies

Ms. Eva Moya, Co-Chair of the Subcommittee on Implementation explained the work that her group had done to address the Committee's feedback from the July 10, 2009, meeting. After revising the Subcommittee's short- and long-term recommendations based on comments, the subcommittee members revisited their report. Changes were made to highlight the social and physical determinants of health. In an effort to move towards a Health in All Policies approach, non-health related entities and activities are important. Ms. Moya read through the revised language for all of the recommendations that had been prepared by the Subcommittee. (These had been discussed in detail during the July meeting and are presented in the Subcommittee's written report.) She then invited Dr. Shiriki Kumanyika, Vice-Chair of the Committee, to comment on any additional issues before opening the floor for discussion.

Dr. Kumanyika suggested that the recommendation to develop an interactive Web-based Healthy People site be moved from long-term to short-term recommendations. The resources for developing this would be needed on an immediate and ongoing basis and should not be relegated to a list of items for future consideration. Dr. Fielding commented that the recommendations may be too state-centric; there should be direct collaboration with municipalities, as well as through local organizations, such as NACCHO.

He added that the recommendations should talk about how other agencies and departments should interface to adopt a Health in All Policies approach. He suggested that some sort of group is needed to reinforce what exists now and encourage agencies to work together. Finally, Dr. Fielding also commented that the recommendations regarding private companies should broadly address all companies and not simply those outside of the health sector. He felt that the Committee should, at its September meeting, consider a separate document that would be useful for the business community and worded in a way that is brief and consistent with the world views of the private sector. Dr. Fielding recommended that the proposed revisions to the document be incorporated and that the Committee consider a motion to approve. Dr. Kumanyika agreed, with the caveat that the recommendations of the National Business Coalition on Health should be incorporated. Ms. Moya concurred.

  • Dr. Fielding requested a motion to approve the Subcommittee on Implementation recommendations. All members who were present voted to approve; none were opposed.